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Online asthma diary with
extra features

Tired of figuring out what triggering your asthma? Do yourself a favour and track of your asthma symptoms in a good manner.
You'll thank yourself later 😊

"Prevention is better than cure"

Asthma Journey can help you prevent asthma symptoms by tracking and identifying your triggers.

How Asthma Journey helps you

Before Asthma Journey

You record the symptoms on your physical diary. You might:

  • Forget to bring the diary on your vacation
  • Forget to bring the diary to the doctor visits
  • Lost it in a hurricane
  • Unable visualize how many attacks you've had this month

Or worse, you never track your asthma symptoms. In that case, you probably having a difficult time to identify your asthma triggers and avoid them πŸ˜”

After Asthma Journey

Symptom Records

Record your asthma attack easily from your laptop or your mobile phone. You can view the records again in the future.

Monthly Summary

View summarized reports of your asthma attacks each month for bird-eye view.

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What's new

You can now delete your account

February 10, 2022


User who wish to delete your account can do so now with a single click.

You can now migrate traditional asthma diary to digital one

January 05, 2022


We have added a new feature that allow you to add old records so that you can start migrating to our online asthma diary

What happened after the launch day

December 29, 2021

We have got real users!!

Introducing Asthma Journey

December 16, 2021

A new app for people with asthma

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