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How it's started

Dealing with asthma is not easy. We've been there.
After taking care of my asthmatic wife for three years, we're struggling to track her asthma symptoms and there's no good solution available except her traditional asthma diary. I came up with online asthma diary app to modernize the process and show the attacks history to the doctor during our clinic visits. Now I'm sharing it with the 🌎

Our mission

Asthma Journey aims to alleviate people with asthma by making sure they get proper treatments and eventually cure their asthma. Today, Asthma Journey helps people with asthma to record their attacks so that the doctors can assess their symptoms and prescribe the medications correctly.

Feel free to talk to me at fadhilyaacob95@gmail.com


Fadhil Yaacob

Founder of Asthma Journey




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