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Introducing Asthma Journey

Fadhil Yaacob / December 16, 2021

Introducing Asthma Journey, a place where you keep track of your asthma attacks. You can get started by visiting and log in to the app using Google Login.


Asthma Journey aims to be the only app that asthmatic people need. This app will be the one-stop app for asthmatic patients to help manage and cure their illness. We aim to help as many people as possible by offering free plan for those who cannot afford to pay for this service.


The last few weeks have been quite difficult for my wife and me. My wife was having asthma attacks for many days and we went to clinics for several times.

This was worse when the doctor that we usually see before, is now on maternity leave and there's no easy way we can see her. For treating long-term diseases (like asthma), it's best to stick to one doctor as the doctor should know best about you and can monitor your updates.

Of course they have the records at the clinic, but it won't be the same. Moreover, the doctors don't know what happened at home, until we reach to the clinic.

Anyway, one question that the new doctor was asking was: "how bad/many attacks my wife had in the past few days and how bad were they". As a human, we tend to 'discount' the symptoms we had, and sometimes maybe we just forgot to count them. This will lead to inaccurate diagnosis.

Plus, the new doctor is not aware of the inhalers prescribed months/years by the previous doctor before. After the second clinic visit, I built this app MVP where the user can log their asthma attacks they're experiencing and it'll count how many attacks you've had in that month.

When it's time for doctors appointment/emergency room, the user can show the statistics to the doctor so that the doctor are understand of their condition better. This should avoid the situation where the doctor overprescribe or underprescribe the medication for you.

I let my wife use this for many days now and today, I'm sharing this app to the world. I wish anyone that has asthma may benefit from this app. There are many more features I'll be adding to the app in the future, so stay tuned :)


Attack Records

Attack List

Add Attack

User can record your asthma attack easily from your laptop or your mobile phone. You can view the records again in the future.

Monthly Summary

Monthly Summary

User can view summarized reports of their asthma attacks each month for bird-eye analysis. From this, you can easily deduce from month to month whether your asthma is improving or vice versa.

Treatment Plans (Coming Soon)

Records your treatment plans you had so that the doctors are aware of your medication history in the past. More on this in the future.

What this means to you

This app is now available for free while in Beta. You can visit now and log in to the app using Google Login. You can record asthma attacks as much as you like. You can also use this app for your children, parents or anyone else that you concern.

Although we intend to make it as a paid product and for-profit company in the future (to make it sustainable for me to work on), we really hope that this app will help save people's lives. We'll also do our best to keep free plan on this app so that people who cannot afford the paid plan still can have asthma controlled.

Note that many features aren't built yet for example editing & deleting your records. You can only create records now. We are working hard to ship new features for this app soon. In coming weeks, you'll see many features to be added in the app.

Disclaimer: this app doesn't give any medical advises, it's just logging and counting the attacks you had. We're no doctor.




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