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You can now delete your account

Fadhil Yaacob / February 10, 2022



We're making it as simple as possible to delete your account (and your data). Here's how to do it. First navigate to 'Settings' page and click 'Delete My Account'.

Your data will deleted completely

Deleting account will immediately deleting your data related to you. We do not wish to store your data indefinitely and we never intend to sell your data. In this case, your action is irreversible. Once you click confirm to delete your account, you will never able to see asthma symptoms again from our app.


It's extremely sad to build this feature. But it's the right thing to do. Users who wish to cancel their account can do so any time without contacting us before hand. It's their right.

We're preparing for subscription features of Asthma Journey so this feature is essential for users in the future.




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