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What happened after the launch day

Fadhil Yaacob / December 29, 2021

I officially launched Asthma Journey on Twitter on 16th December 2021 9pm Malaysia time (UTC +8). This was my first official public product launch. No doubt, I was really nervous.

Some of you might be wondering what happened since last two weeks. Well, I'm happy to share our progress openly here.

Before launching the website, I installed Panelbear, a privacy-friendly analytic service on both our landing page and application page to measure how well they're performing. This is extremely important to us because "You can't improve the things you can't measure".


The launch tweet

We'll start with my tweet where I first announce about this project.

The tweet has gained over 58,000 impressions, 286 likes and 178 retweets. The next tweet that contain the website link has gained 124 clicks. Also, my Twitter has gained 25 new followers!

Tweet impressions

For perspective, a promoted tweet costs USD 0.50 - USD 2.00 per action, this would translate to maximum $928 for the same result with promoted tweet. It's great thing that I already have a decent Twitter audience (1.1k followers) before launching this project.

The landing page

Panelbear Landing Page

The landing page was visited 288 times by users from Malaysia, United States, Qatar, Singapore, and Canada. Most the traffic are coming from the tweet. It's good to know that Asthma Journey does reach audience outside Malaysia as well. We're planning to market Asthma Journey globally. 82% of the visits are from Mobile Phone, which signifies that I need to focus on mobile platform and NOT the Desktop platform.

The app

Panelbear App

The app itself was visited 101 times. 81% of the users are visiting from Mobile Phone. Average session duration was 1m 48s.

User Count

From the database, there were 34 users registered the app after the launch day.


Out of 58,000 tweet impressions, 279 people (0.48%) visited the landing page, 101 (0.174%) people opened the app, and 34 people (0.058%) actually registered and use the app. The numbers are not too impressive but to be honest, none of my personal projects has reached this many users before :D

Kind responses

I really appreciate the kind and positive comments from Twitter friends. It also caught attention of medical doctors and they did give some inputs on how we can further improve this app.

From these responses, I can conclude that the people with asthma does see the value of this app and appreciate it. This means Asthma Journey is a relevant and a valid product for asthmatic people. These kind of responses are the reason why I'm motivated to keep building this app.

What's next

This product did gain some traction on its first few days of launch. Although the number is not as big as other product launches, we're just getting started ;) We'll be focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other marketing efforts in the future because that's the more sustainable way to reach more people out there. I'll be focusing on that as soon as our basic features are ready.




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